Knowledge management for Kärcher

We realized a web self-service and a customized internal knowledge base at Kärcher The Netherlands. The result? A huge drop in incoming phone calls and e-mails.


Kärcher is the world's leading provider of efficient, resource conserving cleaning systems, cleaning products and services for outdoor, indoor and professional use.


Kärcher offers an enormous range of products which helps consumers and retailers with cleaning and maintenance. Partly by the strong market position and the enormous range of products the pressure on the contact center of Kärcher increased dramatically. Especially in peak season waiting times by phone increased, mailboxes filled up and eventually making Kärcher customer service less available for consumers and retailers.


Kärcher has chosen knowledge management to support their omnichannel customer service solutions. CXPerts implemented the knowledge management platform. The first specifically for web self-service (FAQ) and the second for use by agents of Kärcher Customer Service. Today the “simplest” questions are handled via the website. Agent now have more time for the more complex questions and make use of one knowledge base enabling them to provide consistent answers across all channels


By using web self-service, inbound phone and e-mail traffic has been reduced with over 25% and by using an internal knowledge base agents can service the customer faster and more efficient. Not only the pressure on the contact center has dropped but also the quality of service has risen tremendously.